a Training Tracker

More than a decade ago, I had a dream.

Back then, I studied mechatronics, jogged from time to time, and did my first tries in writing code for mobile phones, so called Midlets.  When jogging, I wore a heart rate strap and wrist watch to display the heart rate values.  My wrist watch could not store the heart rate data but there were very very expensive ones available that could do this.  Moreover, the first version of speed sensors for running (very clumpy ones) were appearing.  Once, I thought about the amazing possibilities that open up, when a mobile phone could get all the data and store it.  Most obviously, a mobile phone has an almost infinite amount of storage (even back then) and it is simple to get the data from the phone to the computer (honestly, back then this was not as simple as today). Even better, the mobile phone has a huge display and can do complex computations.  Only the possibility to display the data on a wrist watch seemed to be out of reach.

Over the years, I increased my running volume, added swimming and cycling and became a passionate triathlete.

Now, this dream becomes true.

In 2011, I realized that there are smartphones available that support the ANT+ protocol, the de facto standard for transmitting fitness data (heart rate, speed, cadence, power, ...).  Thus, I became excited and bought such a smartphone but non of the available apps were enough powerful and simple to use to satisfy me.  So I started coding ...

Currently, I invest much more time in developing this app than training.


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