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a Training Tracker

This Android app is for the really serious athletes. 

For those, who want to track all the details of every training session but do not want to waste their time.  This app is for all the athletes, who want a powerful yet simple to use app to track their training.

Once configured and paired with all your remote sensors, you only have to press start when you start your training session and stop when you are done.  Except for the name of the workout, everything else should go without further interaction.  The app automagically determines the sport and the equipment (shoe or bike) you used during a training session based on the remote sensors that where used during this session. Moreover, the app can upload the files to your Dropbox.  So when you have finished your shower, the data is already on your computer, waiting to be analyzed with your favorite software like WKO+, or Golden Cheetah.

Main Features:

  • Support of many ANT+ sensors (heart rate, run speed and cadence, bike speed, bike cadence, bike speed and cadence, bike power, temperature/environment).
  • Support of many Bluetooth LE sensors (heart rate, run speed and cadence, cycling speed, cycling cadence, cycling speed and cadence).
  • Pair an unlimited number of remote (ANT+ or Bluetooth) sensors, e.g., a speed or cadence sensor on each of your bikes.
  • Simply swipe through the different configurable views
  • Export to TCX, GPX, CSV, and Golden Cheetah.
  • Upload to Dropbox.
  • Upload to various online communities: Strava, TrainingPeaks, Runkeeper.
  • Use your Pebble to display values.
  • When the app starts, it searches for all paired sensors and takes the data from the "best" available one.
  • The sport type (run, bike) is derived from the available remote sensors.  When no remote sensors were available, the sport type is guessed from the average speed.
  • The equipment is synchronized with Strava.  The equipment used in a training session is then derived from the available remote sensors.
  • Simple setting of the calibration factor.  You only have to input the measured and true distance.